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T. Sheppard Photography - Sample Wedding Pictures

If you are interested in seeing examples of the pictures that T. Sheppard and Maija Photography take at a wedding, we have a gallery for you to look at. This gallery is by no means complete. It only contains a representative sample of 200 pictures. We took over 600 pictures at this wedding.

Click to view Wedding sample

Two things that you should know about us:
  • If the picture is reasonable...you get it. We know all of them are not great, but we want you to decide if you like it. We all have different ideas about what we like: for example, I like taking pictures of mushrooms... Maija doesn't like my mushroom pictures.
  • I have done a lot of work with exhibits and very old pictures. Sometimes those average pictures later contain some real important memories that can be used to tell a story to your future family.



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