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T. Sheppard Photography - Sample Wedding DVD

T. Sheppard Photography has a DVD listed as part of our packages. You may view an example of what a basic dvd would look like. If your wedding is being recorded and you have an analog or digital copy of the music, I can use that as the background music. If you don't, then I need to use a piece of music that I have permission to use.

Please be advised that you need to have the current version of flash loaded. If you don't, please use the flash link below to load it. This file is very large and will take a while to load. Please be patient. Also please remember that this program is not at dvd quality standards. It is just to give you an idea how your dvd would look, if you choose T Sheppard Photography as your wedding photographer.

Click to view the sample Wedding DVD

Need flash? Click here to download the flash plug-in.



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